More About Us

how I can help

I like to keep things simple – every big problem can be broken down into smaller ones that are easier to sort out.

And keeping things simple means being clear and direct about what a problem is and how to solve it. I believe in telling you what you need to know to make a decision about the future of your business or financial affairs – even though sometimes you might not want to hear it.

It is essential that I develop an honest relationship with you, with trust on both sides, so that we can work together to find the right solution for you. As a sole practitioner, I work on a strictly one-to-one basis with our clients so they have direct access to me and my experience. Our aim is to provide advice and a solution to resolve your financial difficulties in a simple, efficient and direct way: the sooner we are contacted to help with those difficulties, the more we can actually do on your behalf.

Download our brochure which gives a very brief introduction to our services.

my experience and qualifications

It is best to talk to a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner so you have legal protection if you are not happy with the way things work out based on the advice you have been given. 

I started my own insolvency practice in 2002, but I’ve been involved in this specialist area of work since 1986, employed by leading corporate recovery firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte.  Download my Professional Profile for more details.

Our clients range from ordinary working people struggling with credit cards and loans through to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. Whilst our primary business client is in the sub-£5million turnover bracket, we are able to provide advice to all sizes of clients ranging from family-run companies, SME’s and large multi-million pound groups of companies.

It is important you feel confident about the credibility and professionalism of someone with whom you share confidential financial and commercial information about your business, and that you feel you can trust them to be discreet and sensitive in how they handle your situation and act on your behalf. We can offer this to you. 

will the advice cost me anything?

I fully appreciate that when you are already facing financial difficulties, the idea of paying for specialist help can be off-putting.   Wherever possible, I will endeavour to meet face-to-face or by video conference with you to discuss your situation.  I will, at the very least, discuss your situation by telephone.  The initial discussion or meeting with you will always be free of charge, principally because it is a fact finding process (for both of us!), together with an opportunity for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you.  Being able to build trust between us is vital in being able to provide you with a solution.

Following a meeting or discussion, there are normally two outcomes for the vast majority of clients: 

  • you decide “no” you are not comfortable with the solutions I outline – as there is no “fit”, we take no further action on your behalf;  or
  • you decide “yes” on one of the solutions – as there is then a “fit”, we agree a clear way forward between us on what needs to be done and what the costs will be.

Either “no” or “yes” are perfectly acceptable outcomes!  The final decision is always yours, but in my experience a prospective client very rarely ends any meeting or discussion saying “…can I think it over?”.  Taking constructive action in partnership with an independent and objective expert will also relieve a lot of the pressure on you. Taking no action could be disastrous…

So please get in touch and arrange an initial meeting

our Core Values

How we conduct ourselves is an essential part of building trust between us.  We have five Core Values that dictate how we approach doing business:

Keep it simple

We firmly believe every problem has a solution.  We’ll help you to break down the problem into its simplest parts and then come up with a solution to each of those parts.


At a time when financial problems, whether business, personal or both, are weighing you down, we’ll make every effort to be easy to meet and deal with.  We are not here to pass judgement or make life harder for those who already have enough on their plate. 


When dealing with financial problems, it can sometimes be painful or embarrassing to admit those problems fully, but we can’t help solve those problems if you aren’t honest and direct with us about them.  Being direct avoids misunderstandings later.

The same goes the other way – we’ll be honest and direct with you, with no “fluff”.  Sometimes the solution may not be the one you were hoping for but we’ll be honest about that as well – there’ll be no spin to make the things we say look good if they aren’t.

Ultimately, you will decide if our solution is right for you.  We will not try to persuade you to do something you are not comfortable with, even if we think it is the “right” solution.


We focus as flexibly as we can on solving your problem and we promise to work hard to find the way forward that is the best for you.  Our work is also informed by our long experience in this field.  There is virtually no situation or set of circumstances that we haven’t come across previously and we use all of that experience to find the best solution for your situation.

Some of what we do involves painstaking evaluation of all the available data but it is through diligence and hard work that we arrive at a sound and knowledgeable assessment – and from this platform we can create workable solutions to help you move your life forward.


When you instruct us, you are placing a huge amount of trust in us to solve your problem.  This means we are then accountable to you to do what we say we will.  If we don’t, you have the right to challenge us on what we have (or haven’t!) done

We will always act with integrity, responsibility and professionalism on your behalf and will always explain what we have done if you need us to.  We will not make excuses if we’ve got it wrong, but will always do our best to put things right.